5 Reasons Your Horse Hates Being Ridden

There are numerous reasons why a horse may dislike being ridden. If your horse begins to misbehave during your riding sessions, the first step is to discover whether the problem is physical or psychological. Examine your horse with a veterinarian, farrier, and physiotherapist to rule out any health issues. 1. Improperly Fitting Tack One of […]

Evaluating the Conformation of Horses


While inspecting horses for conformation, whether for a purchase or to compete in horse judging competitions, it’s necessary to break things down into fundamental principles to prevent being overwhelmed when piecing together the overall picture. Balance, structural correctness, method of going, muscling, and breed/sex character are the five primary factors to examine when examining a […]

Horse Breeds That Are Most Popular


Quarter Horse in the United States In a pasture, two American quarter horses stand. The American quarter horse is known for its quickness, docility, and athleticism and is favoured by both amateur and professional equestrians all over the world. It boasts the world’s largest breed registration, having been bred from English thoroughbreds and Native American […]

Is Your Horse Having a Great Time?


“The concept of happiness has rarely been defined in animals, and due to the paucity of study in the field, assessing pleasant feelings in horses remains very objective,” she said. “Horse behaviour is frequently interpreted based on anthropocentric assumptions, putting the horse’s genuine emotional state at risk of being misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mishandled.” Why Should […]