What Does a Clydesdale Horse Cost You?

The Clydesdale horse is one of America’s most beloved and well-loved. They are a popular choice for the arena because they can be used to haul luggage. How much does a Clydesdale horse actually cost? A Clydesdale horse’s initial cost is between $1000 and $25000. The United States is home to most Clydesdale farmers and breeders who will […]

Palomino Horses: Colors, Prices, Facts, and Origins

 All you need to know about PALOMINO HORSES You will find horse colors everywhere you look, whether it’s a bay, grey, chestnut or black. The palomino’s golden shine is a horse color that is rarer. Palomino horses are most commonly described as yellow. They have a creamy golden coat accented with a flaxen tail and mane, […]

How many calories do you burn horseback riding?

At one time or another, we all wonder: How many calories does horseback riding burn? You probably love horses if you are here. Perhaps you are looking for a way of burning calories and getting fit without having to drag yourself to the gym every day. You wouldn’t believe how hard riding is. Although you might have […]

What Does a Horse Weigh? (Average Horse weight Chart)

It is difficult to answer the question “How much does a horse weight?” The average horse’s weight is between 900 and 2,000 pounds (408 to 907 kg), but it all depends on breed, age, height, and gender. You can calculate the horse’s approximate weight quickly by measuring its girth. You can find out if the horse has […]


  There are horses and there is celery. Horses will eat anything that looks good. Should you allow your horse to eat celery for a snack? Are horses allowed to eat celery? Below is Dr. Jess’ explanation. WHAT DO HORSES TYPICALLY EATS? Horses today eat a variety of foods, including grasses and hays. Horses are permitted to turn out […]

A Low-Cost Painkiller Gets a Boost for Horse Treatment

If a small amount of Acetaminophen makes your horse feel better, a little more could make him feel even better for a little longer. Owners of horses with persistent aches and pains will be relieved to hear this. Acetaminophen is a low-cost, effective over-the-counter pain medicine that can be used instead of NSAIDs, which can […]

Maintaining the Horse’s Hindgut’s Happiness

Horses are strong, athletic creatures. On the other hand, their digestive systems are more fragile than those of most other livestock. Ruminants with multicompartment stomachs include cattle and sheep. Food is processed in the first half of ruminants’ digestive tracts by saliva produced by chewing a cud. On the other hand, Horses rely on a […]

Will Great Leighs Racecourse ever host horse racing again?

After three years of planning, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) finally approved the construction of a new racecourse in Great Leighs, Essex, in 2003. It was to be a state-of-the-art horse racing venue, with high-class facilities for spectators and racing staff and animals, as Britain’s first all-new racecourse in 81 years. And now, while watching […]

What is a Horse’s Horsepower Capacity?

Many of us are familiar with “horsepower” when discussing automobiles. But how much horsepower does a horse have? Though you may imagine that a horse has the equivalent of one horsepower, this is not the case. A horse’s maximal output is 14.9 horsepower on average. This number, however, will differ from horse to horse, and […]

Safely, Approach and Pet a Horse

Horses are friendly creatures who appreciate being noticed. Though horses enjoy affection, it is critical to understand how to approach a horse so that you do not frighten them. It is critical to understand how to approach a horse for your safety. You will form a strong bond with a horse after knowing how to […]